December 15, 2023

Comparing construction costs

Construction costs in Bali differ significantly from those in countries like Australia or New Zealand due to varying factors such as labor expenses, material costs, regulations, and currency valuation
December 9, 2023

How long will it take?

On average, constructing a home in Bali can take anywhere from six months to a year or more. We take a look at the factors influencing this
December 6, 2023

Building approvals in Bali

In Bali, the speed of obtaining building approvals can vary significantly, influenced by several factors including regulations, bureaucracy, project specifics, and administrative processes
December 4, 2023

Retiring in Bali. Why not?

Bali stands out as an ideal retirement destination for many Westerners due to its unique blend of cultural charm, affordability, natural beauty, favorable climate, and a relaxed lifestyle
December 3, 2023

Land owning in Bali

Foreign ownership of land in Indonesia, including Bali, is governed by certain restrictions and guidelines outlined in the Agrarian Law.
November 29, 2023

Why you should engage a lawyer

Engaging a lawyer when negotiating construction projects in Bali is highly advisable and can be instrumental in safeguarding your interests, ensuring legal compliance, and mitigating potential risks
November 22, 2023

The advantages of natural

In tropical climates like Bali, the use of natural materials, particularly timber, in construction offers a multitude of advantages that harmonise with the environment, climate, and cultural aesthetics of the regio
November 17, 2023

Highly skilled Balinese workers

Local construction laborers in Bali possess a diverse skill set and expertise that contribute significantly to the construction industry on the island